In the Gospel message it is written that the follower of Christ can not hide the light "under the bushel" and, confirming this affirmation, Emmanuel, by the hands of Chico Xavier, affirmed that the first and greatest task of the spiritist workers is the diffusion of the consoling doctrine . Following the publication of the 1st edition of "Gotas de Paz" (Drops of Peace), a group of workers from the Spiritist Center, Sr. Scheilla, at the suggestion of the then worker of the house, Geraldo Deusimar Alencar, the name PROLUZ, accepted immediately. Thus was born PROLUZ, which sought to provide legal and legal contours for that mediumistic explosion.

After that creative moment, thousands of pages and messages were psychographed in the mediumistic group and, through the work of the workers, a few dozen books were organized, however, without the dimension of editing and publication, remaining inert in the files of the group. At that moment, a new encouragement was given to the workers, with the arrival of new workers and Onofre de Costa Abreu, president of the "Spiritist Center Sister Scheilla", the works that remained dormant took a breath, many of them published, with the support and collaboration "O Pequeno Manual dos Médiuns" (The Little Manual of Mediums), "Reflexões à Sombra da Cruz" (Reflections on the Shadow of the Cross), and in particular the work "Crestomatia Espiritualista" (Spiritual Crestomatia) which proposed to complement the "A Grande Síntese" (Great Synthesis), presenting itself as "A Grande Análise" (The Great Analysis), from the origin of CREATION, shedding light on the cause of all existence, highlighting the CREATOR, which gives origin, of the CREATOR or one who only does, throwing hands of what already exists.In the course of activities Of PROLUZ, in January 2002, at the suggestion of a worker from another spiritist home, Adalberto Rodrigues Mota, the newspaper NOTÍCIAS PROLUZ (NEWS PROLUZ) was created, which proposed to disseminate surginte works and news in the field of Spiritist activities, which Received the support of the persevering Onofre C. Abreu and welcomed the journalist Jávier Godinho, added to the competition of workers, already covered in its 10th year of existence. The material difficulties faced by "Editora PROLUZ" (Publishing Company Proluz) and "PROLUZ News" were overcome by Dedication, perseverance and sweat of those who work in them, without any pecuniary interest or personal prominence. It is the work added to the faith in spreading the essence of the consoling doctrine, which is "Believe in GOD, practice GOOD and seek the TRUTH" that balsamizes and gives encouragement to all.