We note that some thinkers who call themselves spiritists somehow focus the mediumistic phenomenon as secondary and even inadvisable in the practice of the Spiritist Doctrine. However, it is necessary that we note the presence of mediumship in constant action, reaction and interaction with human society, manifesting itself in the most varied forms or nuances to the point of leading some religions that previously abused the medium and mediumship, to put it In an evident way in their religious practice, by imposing hands, healings, "unloading", and even resorting to the help of kindly spirits that they label for saints. To despise the mediumistic phenomenon is equivalent to transforming the centers into reli-gious associations based on the cold parlapatice, attached to the thoughts of the incarnates. We can not forget that Spiritism is the doctrine brought by the spirits to revive in man the belief in God, the practice of good and the search for Truth and that was codified by the missionary Kardec with the immediate help of the spirits instrumented by mediumship. Which spiritist would deny the value of the mediumship of Chico Xavier and other portents of mediumship, for the propagation of the Spiritist Doctrine? It is true that we must submit everything that occurs through the mediumistic vein, to the sieve of reason, considering that the true spiritualist medium does not consider himself the owner of the truth and never seeks for notoriety, since he knows that it is merely a tool for the Work of the good spirits. We will renew Spiritism, updating its language, adapting it to the advances of knowledge and removing, as Kardec taught, everything that is proven as equivocation or error by Science, but respect the medium and mediumship, which were, are and will be the Foundation of the Spiritist practice.